Taking the world by storm: Laurie's brainchild Denude, a publication for the honest woman

Obtaining the ‘it’ girl status is challenging. First, the woman in question must possess the ultimate wardrobe occupied by Parisian chic meets off-duty model attire. Two, she must work under several different job titles all relevant to the fashion or music industry. Three, her music preferences must be obscure yet undoubtfully cool. And four, she should have adopted a nonchalant attitude all the while knowing every other twenty-something girl wants to be her.

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Now I’m not saying Laurie Trueman, is Alexa Chung. In fact, Trueman is an entirely different breed of it girl. As the founder of Denude magazine, a fashion publication focusing on up and coming creatives, Trueman has had her work cut out for her.

‘The idea first came to me in bed with my ex-boyfriend in 2014,' says former fashion journalism student Trueman, 22, whose brainchild magazine, Denude, is currently taking the fashion world by storm. 'I was deeply uninspired by the fashion media and believed they were not properly representing break-through talents within the industry – particularly female talent.’  

Creating a platform for women, Trueman put together the first issue of Denude alone in the space of six months with only the help of a designer. ‘I had saved money from working, to print the publication, and got only 50 copies printed.’ After pitching Denude to various shops, including Wardour News, Soho, all 50 copies were sold within a month.

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‘I want to create a positive platform that demonstrates that women are doing fantastic things, and creating wonderful new ideas every day.’ Trueman told me. Denude, which is French for ‘to strip something back’ connotes the magazines ultimate message – honesty. ‘I interview women I love about doing what they love, but I also ask them questions about what they dislike, and that is important – because this industry has a lot of inequality in it, and, also, a lot of unfair practices.’

In November the second issue of Denude was published. ‘My favourite jewellery designer Pamela Love said she cried when she received it’. Selling out within a day to a week each time the magazine had been restocked, Denude has had an incredible response.

Freelancing with the likes of HERO and recently promoted to fashion editor-at-large of FOXES magazine aka the coolest magazine ever, Trueman’s talents are highly becoming sought after. She explained to me her ultimate passion for writing as ‘…something I am unable to escape from. I write every day, with countless notebooks everywhere.’ (Three notebooks to be precise). ‘One is rough ideas, one is goals I want to meet and one is about creative looks.’   


As for her journalistic flair, her impeccable wardrobe is filled with said creative looks. ‘My personal style is a mixture of British and Parisian’. I use the French way of dressing to create the base of my wardrobe… my sense of humour, which is incredibly dry, is very British and I feel your humour is a part of your style.’ Coming from a family of designers and artists, it’s no surprise Trueman is continuing to rise in the world of fashion.     

Her intense passion glows as she further discusses Denude’s purpose. ‘I want Denude to celebrate the newest, most honest, inspiring and breath-taking talent – far away from any social or celebrity presence. If one woman discovers another woman who inspires her, I feel the magazine is worth doing.’ This gap in the market filled by Denude has been the reason for its incredible response. Featuring newly-found models on the front cover to interviews with fresh female designers, the idea of modernity is encapsulated throughout the 250-plus page publication.

Now working on the third issue of Denude, Trueman is hoping to travel stateside to shoot the cover. Available this Summer, Trueman said the publication will ‘cover a range of women who are shaping the way we buy clothes, how we wear them and the way we think about clothes.’  

As the ultimate young-creative herself, Trueman told me her plans to explore different sectors of the fashion and music industry. ‘I want to grow and expand with what publications I work for. I am hugely interested in DJ’ing at the moment and it is something I am working on getting into.’ Freelancing for the near future, Trueman said ‘I would love to think that Denude will be my full-time job in ten years’. When I asked her what else she hoped to have achieved in ten years she said ‘I hope to be happy, and I hope to be surrounded by wonderful friends and family. I hope I have travelled, purchased a house, lived in another country, and I hope I’ve touched someone’s life. I also hope I have seen Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds and Arctic Monkeys around fifty more times each.’