Fashion photography student Byron Carberry talks about his aspirations, influences and his upcoming major project 'Spiked Studios'


It was almost uncanny that Byron Carberry AKA Spiked Wolf got spiked the weekend I was supposed to interview him. “I almost died” he told me nonchalantly.  After collapsing outside a club and rushed to hospital in order to get his stomach pumped it seemed bizarre how upbeat he was only two weeks later. That’s the thing about Byron. He seems so unfazed by things. His aura put me at ease.

I first become aware of Byron after discovering him on Instagram. His fashion-based photography consisting mostly of beautiful edgy women in low lighting coincided with wolf references which made me want to know more. “I was 15 and loved to customise my own clothing” he explained. What a catch, I thought – a photographer and a designer. “I had a spiked leather biker jacket which had a wolf painting on the back”. Byron told me how he “hates sheep” within society. “The idea of a wolf is to do with leadership but not being one to follow a crowd.” And Spiked Wolf was born.


He described his photography as “a mixture of my love for sex and fashion.”, which was obvious from his portfolio. It almost seemed unnecessary that he is currently studying BA Photography at Kingston. After collaborating on look books with Puma, Adidas and Inge Jacobsen, the 20-year-old is well on his way to photography stardom. “I’m networking to the best of my ability” he told me. “I only started doing photography at A level”.

Now introducing his photography label Spiked Studios, Byron hopes to focus on the creative world giving new talent an opportunity to be seen and heard. “There is nothing worse than feeling as if your work is not gaining the recognition it deserves” Byron said. “I’d love to be in a position to expose raw creative talents.” Slowly but steadily establishing his name within the industry he has begun working with a range of young creatives including models and actors. Byron, who earns most of his income on commission work, explained how he wanted to help those involved find similar work.     


When I asked him about his inspirations he told me immediately “Travis Scott… he taught me to be extremely carefree and not conform to what people expect from you.” His altruistic nature was made even more explicit when he told me about his first big commission-based pay cheque. “I paid off my mum’s debt.”.      

After the interview Byron told me “I think I might quit university”. As to whether Byron will quit university or not, the fashion industry will undoubtedly benefit from his incredible talent.   

Byron Carberry AKA Spiked Wolf Instagram @spikedwolf