Girlsmouth - the new girls club for everything girl

Who doesn’t love a good rant? I know I do. Whether it’s complaining about the severe lack of good-looking men on Tinder despite your obvious catfish, or the fact your fringe will never - and I repeat, never - look like Zooey Des Channel’s, us women love to moan.


And who wouldn’t moan when there’s a space for it on Facebook open for anyone - granted they identify with being female? Over 120,000 of you lovely ladies apparently.

GIRLSMOUTH is an ‘invite-only’ Facebook page open to women aged 16+ from around the UK to talk about whatever ‘feels’ they might have. From ‘ranting about your bitch mother in law’ to ‘sharing your undie pics because you feel like a sex goddess’, GIRLSMOUTH is a fully disclosed page made to express whatever emotions you might be feeling on that day.

grl power.jpg

Creator of the Facebook page, Chloe Todd from Colchester, Essex spoke to me about why she originally set up GIRLSMOUTH. “I wanted to make it to show girls it’s okay to explore outside of your comfort zone. It’s okay to say “hey, let’s be friends”, with someone you hardly know. It’s okay to admit when you’re not okay”. 

Far from any judgements, GIRLSMOUTH gives women a platform to express their emotions, ask for advice or heck – just post a bangin’ photo of them in their new birthday suit. “GIRLSMOUTH represents girl power completely” Todd said. And this sense of positivity and drive is what has made GIRLSMOUTH so successful – making women feel comfortable in their own skin.   

With the increase of ‘girl clubs’ sweeping the internet, the overwhelming sense of girl power is commendable. No longer are we experiencing the high-school bitchiness we all once faced - the rise of support for one another is wonderful. Natasha Conway, 28 from Colchester who’s a member of the group said, “It’s nice to see women empower other women instead of tearing each other down”.

From engagements to pregnancy announcements, the page has a new surprise every day. Todd told me “I have met some incredible people and witnessed some truly heart-warming moments on the group”. Allowing other women to comment on such boosts ultimately boosts our self-esteem and allows us to sense such girl-power. 


But it’s not without its poignant subject matter. Women can also post anonymously, either for advice or simply to get something off their chest – from abusive relationships to family problems, no topics are taboo. Enabling those who have no one to talk to a chance to converse with others online is the reason why social media is such a powerful tool, without which, many are lost.

“Empowering, hilarious and honest” are the three words Todd would use to describe GIRLSMOUTH.